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Iron Door Specifications

What Sets Iron Door and More Apart?
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  1. Our entry doors are made of 14 gauge steel with 1/2th'' to 3/4'' wrought iron scroll work. 12-guage steel is available for custom made designs.

  2. Standard with every order is a 6’’ door jam, with 2'' thick door sheet. A 2 3/8'' thick door panel is available for custom designs.

  3. Each entry door includes double-pane tempered insulated clear glass panel opening independently form the doors. A variety of glass options are available. (Please see glass options.) This feature allows for ventilation, ease of cleaning glass, and the option of being able to keep the door closed and locked while the home owner is speaking to a visiting party.

  4. All doors are fully insulated with polyurethane foam, and the Q-lon Weather stripping to ensure a positive seal. Included are high quality storm proof seals as standard. We are the only manufacturer to have an integral drop seal on the underside of the door.

  5. Door frames are squared and leveled before the luxurious ball bearings hinges are positioned and welded, ensuring smooth operation.

  6. All doors will be prehung and frames are equipped with mounting flanges to secure the frame. Lag bolts can be used.

  7. Unlike most manufacturers, all necessary hardware to operate and assemble our doors is included.

  8. Most welding is performed form the inside in order to create a smooth finish line.

  9. Each door undergoes a 5 step paint process completed in a clean paint booth environment and oven dried. Metal is sand blasted then:
    • Zinc-Coated
    • anticorrosive primed
    • a coat of base color
    • hand painted faux finish
    • baked on satin overcoat to project finish.


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